Load & Unload Dishes Dual-Sided Floursack Kitchen Towel

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Hand lettered in modern calligraphy, this cleaver floursack kitchen towel design is DUAL-SIDED! One side reminds you if the dishes are dirty and the other says they are clean! No mixing up the loads when you have this stylish towel! Choose the color that compliments your decor best!

You can also get this design single-sided. Check out the Load Dishes or Unload Dishes towels.

  • Design is hand lettered/drawn using permanent black fabric ink
  • Oversized NowDesigns floursack towels
  • 20" x 30", 100% Cotton and Lint-Free
  • Machine washable (wash-cold, dry-low heat)
  • Each towel is made to order on the color you choose, allow 7-10 days for creation and shipping.



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