Human Design Chart Readings

What is Human Design? If you want to be technical - it's the science of differentiation. Or the science of how we are all unique and different humans.

But another way to think about it, is it's a tool that not only describes how you are unique but also shows you how to actually live out your unique path in life. Tangible ways you can begin to implement changes and deeper awareness about yourself so you can really do what you are meant to do here.

Blending ancient healing modalities with modern science, Human Design, is your roadmap.

Nearing 3 years into my own Human Design experiment, I'm here to initiate you into your own inner journey through mini masterclasses and one-on-one chart readings. Mini masterclasses are group classes held in person at Local Roots Floral & Gifts in Arapahoe, Nebraska.

If you have never had a chart reading before, you'll start with a Foundational Chart Reading. I now also offer Advanced Human Design Chart Readings and you can book Virtual Coffee Chats when you need to follow up or check in on how you are doing on your Human Design journey!

Foundational & Advanced Human Design chart readings can be done in person at Local Roots or virtually via zoom. Virtual Coffee Chats are of course via Zoom call only.

View my current availability and even schedule your time on the calendar below, then add your type of reading or coffee chat to your cart to finish booking!