Hey there! I’m so excited that you have discovered Maddie B Designs!
This design shop is here to bring beauty and a few laughs to you and those you love!

So, a bit about me—and to set the record straight...SURPRISE...my name is Megan! You are not alone if you thought it was Maddie, because...welllll, that is the name of my business, and that would just make sense, right?! But, there is more to the story...

Maddie B Designs started off as my freelance graphic design biz over 10 years ago! But it was only in 2016 that I fell in love with the art of modern calligraphy and took my designs from digital to holding them in my hands and all of the things you see here! There is nothing quite like creating tangible art - and even better - art you can enjoy while drinking coffee...or wine!

I still have a passion for graphic design, oh yes! Special occasion stationery is my jam!

And I bet you are wondering more about Maddie-girl! She was our first {fur} baby - and man was she spoiled! I mean, reeeallllly spoiled! A sweet, LOUD, beagle and the runt of her liter - who could resist that face?!

I always knew I wanted her memory to live on long after her time with us so its no surprise I named my biz after her ❤

Thanks for joining me on this journey of sharing my art with you and if you have a fur-baby too, give 'em a big ol' squeeze for me, ok?!