Megan Soncksen, owner and founder of Maddie B Designs

Nestled in the cozy mid-west, you'll find (me) artist and creativeprenuer, Megan, experimenting with traditional methods of hand lettering, illustration and watercolor in my home studio tucked away in the heart of farm country where we enjoy life a little slower and the sunsets are so dreamy.

Oh wait, who are we kidding?! I'm running kids every which way, juggling all the things that motherhood and businesshood (is that a word?) throw at me! I'm right there in the not-so-glamorous trenches with ya, friend!

Ahhh, but that is why I create giftables and stationery that are infused with beauty and feel good inspiration, because we all need a pretty little pick me up or good sassy saying to keep life moving along!

And in case you are wondering... The human above (that would be me) is Megan, Maddie was our beagle.
And true story, the sunsets are beyond dreamy here in Nebraska!



Ok, IKIKIK, you want to know more about Maddie!

She was our first {fur} baby - and was spoiled! I mean, reeeallllly spoiled - she was an only {fur} child for many years. Our fav pastime was getting breakfast at Sonic on Sunday mornings, sharing some tots and then hitting the streets to do some treasure hunting at garage sales.

Most of her years she was a city dog, then we moved back home to the country when she was an older gal - but that didn't stop her from trying to run off exploring the creek and having to chase her down! Once a beagle, always a beagle whether your a city dog or not!

Miss Maddie passed in 2017, but her name lives on in this biz! And I am always asked if we have added a new pup to the fam... well, not yet... stay tuned!



OH wait! Before you click away, let me say, Thank You!

Thanks for exploring Maddie B Designs and know when you are needing the perfect gift for a bestie in your life, I'm going to hook you up with something from the heart, packaged up super cute and making her feel like a million bucks and you feeling like you just nailed it!
I got you, friend!

 Now that we know each other a little bit, want to stay in touch?
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